Over the years, of my fitness journey I’ve tried and worn multiple shoe brands. Being a shoe fanatic, when I first saw the ON Running shoes I felt I had to have a pair - they make a statement, but in a humble way - minimalistic, yet impactful. On top of that, they are the lightest shoes I’ve ever owned - “running on clouds” holds more value than just a catchy slogan. Before owning my ON’s I would run 2kms maximum, as I struggled with shin splints all my life. Now, with the help of the right shoe (ON’s) - I am able to run up to 10kms, and feel no strain. I’ll never go back - “never not on”. 

- Gabby Larsson

On Running shoes have really changed my perception towards running and training. The comfort and support you receive is a true testament to the quality of the shoe. Making running and training more enjoyable due to excellent support and comfort.

- Trent Strydom

"Exactly what I needed to get back to enjoying my running again, both on the road and on the trails. Such a light and well cushioned shoe. The soft cushioning from the clouds on impact was the key for me. Really fashionable looking range of shoes that are perfect to wear for leisure as well"

- Craig Burden